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Types of anchors

As you learn to sail, you should be also learning about anchoring. There is more to tossing the hook so to speak.  Anchor types are selected based on the bottom conditions. These are rock, mud, clay, sand, grass, coral and shoal.Charts will usually tell you what the bottom conditions are, as will local sailors whom you should never be afraid to ask. The following shows the type of anchor and the associated bottom that the anchor is best suited for.

Danforth: Works best in sand and mud

Hinged Plough CQR: Works Best in sand, rock and mud.

Non Hinged Plough Delta Anchor: Works best in sand rock clay and mud.

Non Hinged Plough Roll bar anchor: Best for all types of bottoms – sand, rock, mud,clay, grass

Bruce Anchor: Best for sand, rock, mud.

The Roll Bar Plough type anchor is a new type of anchor and therefore is not that common yet. However, tests show that it is certainly one of the winners when it comes to selecting an anchor.


Source: www.nauticed.org