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Navigation in the Republic of Croatia

The skipper of the boat entering the Republic of Croatia must enter the nearest port open for international traffic by the shortest route in order to carry out the border control formalities, obtain a vignette at the nearest Harbour Master's Office or its branch office and certify the crew list and list of passengers.

The skipper of the boat entering the Republic of Croatia by land or whose vessel is on a permanent berth tended in a marina or other approved site in the Republic of Croatia must, before leaving port, obtain the vignette at the Harbour Master's Office or its branch office and obtain the list of persons.

The vignette is compulsory for boats of 3m or more in length, as well as for boats of less than 3m in length if their overall engine power is 5 kW or greater. The vignette is not compulsory for rowing boats, regardless of their length (e.g. kayak, beach canoe, paddle-boat, etc). The vignette is not compulsory for boats while being tended in the harbour or other designated areas in the Republic of Croatia.

Tenders as well as jet-skis are subject to the same regulations. The vignette, the validity of which is one year from the date of issue, must be displayed in a visible place on the vessel. The vignette counterfoil must be attached to the list of persons. All boats sailing in the Republic of Croatia must possess the following original documents:

• vignette
• certified crew list and passenger list
• certified list of persons that may stay aboard (for vessels where change of crew is foreseen while sailing in the Republic of Croatia, for vessels arriving to the Republic of Croatia by land and for vessels wintering in the Republic of Croatia)certificate of seaworthiness
• certificate of the skipper's competence in boat handling
• certificate of the third party insurance policy
• ownership certificate or authorization for the use of vessel issued by the owner
• maritime information chart

Obtaining a vignette comprises payment of the following fees:navigation security fee

• security navigation facilities fee (Light Dues)
• maritime information chart fee
• administrative tax


The above defined vessels must not supply the service of passenger transport for payment in the Republic of Croatia, i.e they are banned from carrying out an economiy activity. Vessels perfoming the transport of goods and passengers between croatian ports without the approval of the ministry in charge of the maritime affairs are subject to financial fines and a protective measure of vessel seizure.


Before leaving Croatia by sea, the master of the vessel must:

• pass through the border control in one of the harbours open for international traffic
• verify the list of persons and passengers at the Harbour Master's Office or its branch office. Having fulfilled these obligations, the skipper must leave the internal waters of Croatia and the territorial sea of Croatia by the shortest way.


The navigation security fee when obtaining a vignette depends on the length of vessel and is as follows:

Boats up to:

3m length and engine power
of 5 kW 140 Kn
3 - 4 m length 210 Kn
4 - 5 m length 280 Kn
5 - 6 m length 350 Kn
6 - 7 m length 525 Kn
7 - 8 m length 630 Kn
8 - 9 m length 735 Kn
9 - 10 m length 840 Kn
10 - 11 m length 945 Kn
11 - 12 m length 1050 Kn

Yachts up to:

12 - 15 m length 1225 Kn
15 - 20 m length 1400 Kn
20 - 30 m length 1575 Kn
Over 30 m length 1750 K

The fees above are reduced by 10% for each consecutive vignette up to max 50% reduction. Following the expiry of the current vignette a new vignette must be obtained by the end of the calendar year of the current vignette's expiry in order to realize the said discount.

The new vignette can be purchased in advance (in the calendar year in which the old one is expiring), but it becomes valid only following the expiry of the old one.
The light dues amount to 20 kn / per meter of length of a foreign boat and 40 kn / per meter of length for foreign yachts, and cover the period of one year.
The administrative tax is 40 kn. The maritime information chart fee is 20 kn - as per the tariff of the Croatian Hydrographic Institute.

Source: www.croatia.hr