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The big blue of the small Adriatic sea is 783 km long, and if one includes the islands then the coastline is 7868 km, from which the Croatian part is 74% or 5385 km and truly epitomises the best qualities of the Mediterranean. If you want the precise figures: the clarity and transparency of the open sea reaches depths of 56 m whilst on the shore it is 5m deep. The depth of the sea in the north that runs along the Istrian coast is the shallowest at about 50m, whilst at Palagruža it reaches up to 250m and around the most distant island of Jabuka it reaches 1300m in depth. The average temperature of the sea surface in the summer months is between 22-27 oC, whilst it is at its breitlingchallenge.com lowest in winter at around 7 oC and in the spring it is a comfortable 18 degrees.   Source: www.croatia.hr