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Crew list and passenger list

The crew list and passenger list comprise crew and passengers aboard, must be possessed by all the vessels arriving into the Republic of Croatia by sea, and must be verified by the signature and seal of the Harbour Master's office or branch office. If a change of crew is not foreseen while sailing in the Croatian waters during the validity of the vignette, the skipper of a vessel does not have to report further to the Harbour Master's Office or its branch office.Once in Croatia the skipper of the vessel may disembark the crew and/or passengers the vessel sailed in with from abroad, and take on a new crew and/or passengers, but in that case he is obliged to disembark them outside the Republic of Croatia, or make the List of Persons.

All the changes regarding the List of Crew and Passengers must be reported to the Harbour Master's Office or branch office, and must be verified by the same. The vessels arriving overland, or those wintering in the Republic of Croatia, but which do not meet the accommodation conditions for an extended stay of persons aboard the vessel (i.e. vessels without beds), need not have the List of Crew and Passengers.

The List of Persons that may stay aboard must be possessed for vessels arriving to the Republic of Croatia by land and for vessels wintering in the Republic of Croatia. The skipper of the vessel arriving to the Republic of Croatia by sea, who intends to embark and disembark the same persons in the Croatian ports, is obliged to obtain the List of Persons in the Harbour Master's Office or branch office.


The List of Persons may be obtained at the same time the vignette is procured, or subsequently when new persons are being taken on board, at the latest before the said vessel leaves the port. If new persons are being added to the List of Persons successively, each such change must be verified in the Harbour Master's Office or branch office.The total number of persons on the list must not be more than twice the unit capacity of the vessel increased by 30%.

The vessel's capacity is determined pursuant to the vessel's documents issued by the competent authorities of the flag state. If the vessel possesses documents that do not contain capacity data, the same must be calculated pursuant to the Regulations on Boats and Yachts and the Statutory Certification Rules for Boats and Yachts. The list of persons must be certified by the counterfoil of the vignette.

There are no restrictions as to the number of changes of persons from the list.Persons staying aboard the vessel while the vessel is in port or at anchor are notentered into the list.Persons under 12 years of age are not included into the list, nor are they includedinto the maximum number of persons, as well as the professional crew members. It is not necessary to compile a separate List of Persons for tenders belonging to a mother yacht or boat - a copy of the List of Persons of the mother yacht or boat will be deemed sufficient

Source: www.mint.hr