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Rovinj: Regatta Pesaro-Rovinj-Pesaro
29.04.2012 / 05.05.2012
Split: Croatia Boat Show
17.04.2012 / 22.04.2012
Vis: Adriatic race
27.04.2012 / 01.05.2012
FESTA Split: Sudamja 2012 “Let the waterfront be decked with flowers“ - 25.04.2012 / 15.05.2012

"SUDAMJA" - For many years, St Duje, the protector the town, has been celebrated with the Day of the Town (7th May). Over a period of about 20 days the town of Split hosts a series of events embracing culture, sport and entertainment, which take place at five different locations in town. One of the events which takes place at this time is "Let the waterfront be decked with flowers". The event has taken place for the past 12 years and involves more than 2,200 of Split's youngest citizens - preschool and school age children, children from kindergarten and primary schools - who walk in procession and greet the town and the protector. All the children are given flowering plants by the Split Tourist Board. The event has an educationally entertaining character and is especially for the youngest members of the population. That is to say, every child is given a flowering plant and, during the programme on the stage and through communication with the older participants in the event, each child learns how to preserve nature. In this way the children grow up to be responsible members of the urban environment, where they can represent their town in the right way. The leitmotif and message of this event is that we cannot have an impact on all aspects of the education of a young person but we can have an impact on their conscience. The very number of little participants tells us that we are dealing with a highly traditional and ever more sought after event, which was introduced into schools and kindergartens as a part of their educational programme.

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