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Common sea blite/Suaeda maritima

Description of the species:
The plant is 7 to 50 cm high. The stem is erect or a little flattened, very branchy, of a pale red colour. The leaves are meaty, semi-cylindrical, more or less lineal, with a pointed or spherical tip. The flowers are tiny, the fruit is usually green or reddish, the seeds are black, shiny, 1-2 cm long, finely reticulate with stripes and dots on the edges. Its flowering period is from July to September. The species is widely distributed. It inhabits gravely and sandy areas near the sea.

Reasons for threat: The accelerated development of tourism has had a negative impact on the habitats of the species, and muddy shores are being filled in.

The species is strictly protected by the Ordinance on designating protected and strictly protected wild species (Official Gazette 7/06 and 99/09).

Illegal picking can be reported on the following phone numbers:

Inspectorate for the Protection of Nature

Istria and Kvarner - HQ in Rijeka, mr. sc. Ivanka Jelenić, senior inspector, tel: +385 (0)51 311302; mob: +385 (0)98 406313
e-mail: ivanka.jelenic@min-kulture.hr

Zadar region- HQ in Zadar, Damir Mitrović, senior inspector,
tel: +385 (0)23 211129; mob: +385 (0)98 406979
e-mail: damir.mitrovic@min-kulture.hr

Šibenik  and Split regions - HQ in Šibenik, Davor Cukrov, senior inspector
tel: +385 (0)22 215800; mob: +385 (0)98 406982
e-mail: davor.cukrov@min-kulture.hr


Dubrovnik region - HQ in Dubrovnik
Vesna Daničić, inspector
tel: +385 (0)20 323191; mob: +385 (0)98 407121
e-mail: vesna.danicic@min-kulture.hr

Source: www.dzzp.hr State Office for the Protection of Nature, Mrs Katja Jelić