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FESTA Ston: Ston summer - 23.06.2013 / 08.09.2013

The Ston diocese is the oldest in Croatia. For this reason, every visit to Ston is a direct contact with ancient times and events. Located on the beautiful Pelješac peninsula, which was often the target of conquerors, the 5.5km long walls once protecting the town's salt pans bear the scars of centuries of struggle to preserve the native culture. The outcomes of these struggles are best seen as part of the Ston Summer event. During the summer months, the streets of Ston are filled with concerts, fashion shows and Klapas (vocal harmony groups) singing. With the town's tradition of shellfish farming and salt production, it is also a unique opportunity to visit Ston's restaurants and taverns. There, you can taste exotic dishes of the Croatian Adriatic.

Contact: www.ston.hr

Source: www.croatia.hr

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