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Crikvenica: Oily fish route
12.06.2015 / 18.06.2015
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19.06.2015 / 20.06.2015
FESTA Dubrovnik: Ana in Town - 21.06.2017

Slikovni rezultat za Glazbeno scenski festival "Ana u Gradu"The weekend festival Ana in Town celebrates a young artist, a cellist with a recognizable musical style, Ana Rucner in a double role as classical musician and crossover instrumentalist. The idea of this short festival, at the start of the summer music season, is to bring to the City something for everyone. Thus fans of classical music will be able to enjoy the chamber concert in the Ducal Palace with Ana and visiting musicians, while an audience empathetic to modern expression will be able to delight in a stage apppearance which regularly attracts much attention.

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