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When you meet a dolphin

How to behave when encountering a dolphin:

  • do not persecute dolphins and do not aim your vessel directly at them;
  • if you wish to come closer to them, do it slowly, following in parallel the direction of their movement, avoiding sudden changes of direction or speed which may disturb them;
  • it is better to give them a chance to come closer to you on their own - put your engine out of gear or switch it off;
  • do not produce sudden sounds, especially with the engine, because this will confuse the dolphins;
  • make sure that there is only one boat in a radius of 100 metres from the dolphin, and not more than 3 boats in a radius of 200 metres;
  • do not remain in their vicinity longer than 30 minutes;
  • for both your own and their safety, do not swim or dive with them, do not feed them and do not attempt to touch them;
  • leave the area of the encounter by gradually increasing speed only when the vessel is more than 100 metres away from the dolphin;
  • do not throw litter into the sea and do not leave it on the shore and on the beaches. Dolphins may accidentally swallow plastic bags, which may cause their death.