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Ne Po Ut Sr Če Pe Su
Sali/Dugi otok: The Sali Fiesta
09.08.2013 / 11.08.2013
Crikvenica: Fishermen's Week
29.08.2015 / 02.09.2015
Crikvenica: Street Art Festival Crikvart
07.08.2015 / 08.08.2015
Mali Lošinj: Lošinj Sailing Cruisers Regatta
03.08.2013 / 04.08.2013
FESTA Vrbnik/Krk: Island wine days Krk - Vrbnik 2012 - 30.08.2013 / 31.08.2013

As well as the wines we are very proud to present when we display to the world the rich tradition of the Croatian wine trade, we also include wine from local viticulturists from Vrbnik. The Vrbnik vintners are happy to accept this honour. Every year in August all the wine lovers gather together, including the producers and those who simply like to enjoy a drop of wine. At the Vrbnik Wine Days guests can enjoy presentations and tastings throughout the day and they have the opportunity of buying bottles of quality wine direct from the producer and tasting other local gastronomic produce from Krk. Apart from the enjoyment of the tastings and the delights of the palate, there are lectures by experts and exhibitions of the equipment used in the wine trade and viticulture.

Contact: www.vrbnik.hr

Source: www.croatia.hr   

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