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Ne Po Ut Sr Če Pe Su
Nerezine/Lošinj: Yachting Regatta “Windswept through the Silence”
20.04.2012 / 22.04.2012
Split: Croatia Boat Show
17.04.2012 / 22.04.2012
FESTA Vis: Adriatic race - 27.04.2012 / 01.05.2012

As every year, as well as this, in the center of the Adriatic at island Vis, a group of selected ships and crews will gather to take part in creation of one more sailing story in the race for the P r o p e l l e r . This year received a p p l i c a t i o n s are announcing an excellent race, as befits the fifth anniversary of one of the longest and most challenging off-shore races on the Adriatic Sea. Wedell, E1, Great Viharnik, Wild Joe, Amor - all lengths of 60 feet and higher will prepare the proper 'implosion' in Vis Bay, starting from the island of Host, to the first buoy in front of the waterfront Vis.

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