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Rijeka: Fiumanka
13.06.2013 / 16.06.2013
Crikvenica: Cherry Festival
05.06.2015 / 06.06.2015
FESTA Split: Street Performers Festival - 15.06.2013 / 30.06.2013

The International festival of street performers lasts for 15 days and stages three plays and performances every evening. The festival of street performers has been taking place in Split for the past seven years. Artists, street performers and performers of free form artistic expression from sixteen countries entertain visitors and citizens at six locations in the town of Split. Town squares and streets come alive with the pleasant sounds of strange instruments while acrobats challenge the skills of supreme strength. There is an interaction between performers and visitors, where sometimes visitors themselves take part in the programme. Having in mind that there is an intention of opening up the festival to all comers from Europe and other continents, the strength of this festival lies in making connections and introductions and in multiculturalism, which the town of Split espouses, so it is one of the basic aims that the town should achieve the status of a true host town.

Source: www.croatia.hr

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