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FESTA Sinj: The Alka of Sinj - 04.08.2013

As a traditional tournament of tilting at the ring the Alka of Sinj competition is a living monument to the victory by the people of Cetinska Krajina over the many times larger Turkish army in the year 1715. In honour of this heroic event in their history, the people of Sinj conceived a game in which those who took part in the battle played every year on the anniversary of the victory. Later, the tradition was carried on by their heirs and by those who matched their courage, and so to this day. At authentic locations, such as Grad, the old fortress of Sinj, the back-up fortification of Kamičak, the Alka Halls and the Alka race course - numerous Alkars and their pages have proudly maintained the threecenturies- old tradition symbolizing bravery and desire for freedom. The three-day event culminates with the popular competition for Alka. Of course, the knights do not fight each other, they test their skill by tilting at the ring, attempting to hit the centre of the Alka with a long spear while riding a horse at full gallop.The contestant who collects the highest number of points is the winner, entitled to all honours of his heroic ancestors. As a reminder to one of the most glorious events in Croatian history, the Alka of Sinj holds a special place in our programme of culture tourism.

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