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Crikvenica: Cherry Festival
05.06.2015 / 06.06.2015
Rijeka: Fiumanka
13.06.2013 / 16.06.2013
Crikvenica: Frankopan Days
19.06.2015 / 20.06.2015
FESTA Šibenik: International Children’s Festival - 21.06.2015 / 05.07.2015

In June and July, Šibenik becomes a city of children, a city celebrating children’s imagination and creativity. This year it will be host to children of the world, for the 53rd year in a row, and its streets will be taken over by children’s creations. Just as every year for the past four decades, those who value this children’s world of games, joy and goodness will surely come and visit. Notwithstanding the rich tradition of this city, it is the children and the now traditional International Children’s Festival - a unique cultural event of world proportions during which the city squares are surrendered to children and dedicated to the development of all the artistic forms of their creative drive - that have become the trademark of Šibenik. The festival has three basic programmes: a festival of domestic and international children’s ensembles, the workshop programme directly and publicly involving children in the act of creation, and the educational part where a symposium addresses issues such as aesthetic education of children. During these two weeks, Šibenik should be an inevitable destination to those who never forget their playful side, and even more so to those who have completely forgotten it. 

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