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Sali/Dugi otok: The Sali Fiesta
09.08.2013 / 11.08.2013
Kukljica/Ugljan: Feast of our Lady of the Snow
Crikvenica: Fishermen's Week
29.08.2015 / 02.09.2015
Mali Lošinj: Lošinj Sailing Cruisers Regatta
03.08.2013 / 04.08.2013
FESTA Sali/Dugi otok: The Sali Fiesta - 09.08.2013 / 11.08.2013

When ships from Sali sail into the port of Zadar, bringing with them the sounds of "donkey music", it is a sign to all that the Sali Fiesta, popular across the whole of the Adriatic, has begun. Larking about through the streets of Zadar and playing "donkey music", the merry parade invites everyone to join the three-day celebration in a relaxed atmosphere. The following evening the mouth-watering aromas of the Fishermen's Night will make your palate crave for food. It will not be easy to decide what to try first among the many specialties like brodettos, pilchards and tuna dishes, surrounded by the mellow atmosphere of Dalmatian nights still further enhanced by the melodies of Dalmatian harmony singing groups. Sport-inclined visitors interested in trying new and unusual sports will get into their own on the third day of the Fiesta, which comes to an end with the popular Night of Sali when entertainment is provided by well known pop stars. The Fiesta ends on Sunday with the traditional Donkey Race, a spectacular event and a barrel of laughs.

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