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FESTA Pula Carnival - 18.02.2017

Slikovni rezultat za pulski karneval










3rd Pula Carnival will be held on Saturday, February 18, 2017. The meeting of carnival groups starts in the morning at Karolina, where the carnival pageant heads towards Portarata Square, passing by the Arena, for the first presentation of carnival groups. Then they continue to Portarata Square where the organized and main presentation of carnival groups is planned at 11.30 am.

Fun for carnival groups continues at Giardini where all participants are invited to lunch, followed by a Big Carnival at Portarata for both carnival groups and spectators until 5 pm (in case of rain at Circolo- the Pula Italian Community).

According to tradition and custom, all Carnival events start much earlier, on January 17 with the Handover of the City Key to the Master of the Carnival at the City Hall. The "Pust"- traditional culprit for all the last year's troubles - is then hoisted near the traffic lights at Veli Vrh. On February 28, the burning of the "Pust" takes place, together with a special entertainment program and scrambled eggs "fritaja".

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