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Macrocruise charter agency

4 - 08 MAY 2016 Marina Portorož, Slovenija

With over 20 years' of tradition, Adriatic International Boat Show's INTERNAUTICA has established itself as one Central Europe's major meeting points for marine business and nautical tourism in the region. With its  consistent search for quality and exciting content, it is the perfect lead-in to the summer season for boating professionals and enthusiasts alike.

INTERNAUTICA showcases over 150 new vessels, with more than 200 exhibitors from all over the world and over 500 major maritime brands presented annually.
Well over 15,000 boating enthusiasts and maritime experts attend the boat show every year.

Visitors will be able to evaluate a wide range of new models of power yachts, sailing boats and catamarans whilst enjoying the great outdoors. INTERNAUTICA will, once again, confirm the fact that there is no better place to shop for your boat than at our boat show, a show where you can experience a wide range of boat types and styles all in one place. A full range of marine electronics, sport products and accessories will also be on display.


Most importantly, INTERNAUTICA is more than an exhibition of contemporary nautical trends. With its versatile excellence, business orientation and facilitation of tourism, it plays an important role in positively stimulating regional development and the economy, which is why, according to the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor (Honorary Chairman of the International Boat Show INTERNAUTICA), INTERNAUTICA and Slovenian tourism have annually complemented each other.

INTERNAUTICA endeavours to present the latest, innovative future technology, educate, increase ecological awareness, and promote the use of renewable energy and hybrid systems which reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. The Green Avenue Project is our opportunity for showcasing innovative and interesting electric and hybrid vehicles, including vessels and other nautical equipment.
An exciting, wide variety of social events, sporting competitions and presentations are organized during the boat show, including numerous activities devoted to the comprehensive preservation of marine life every year.

The INTERNAUTICA SUP Challenge 2016 will be organised as an exciting Boat Show sporting event and will be considered as the official competition for Slovenia's SUP Cup.

The special attention of many domestic and foreign visitors  will be given to the traditional gathering of vintage boats and old-timer cars which takes place over the weekend in the Bay of Piran.

The Adriatic Boat of the Year Awards will be presented by INTERNAUTICA for the third year in a row. The International Jury of Experts will nominate for and present awards to the most innovative boats navigating the Adriatic region in the past season. The Adriatic Boat of the Year 2016 selection will include all boats manufactured and presented in the Adriatic region from January 1st 2015 to March 31st 2016.

The Green Avenue Project exhibited many electric and hybrid vehicles in 2014 and 2015: the NASA-award winning Pipistrel aircraft; various hybrid and electric cars (BMW i3, Tesla, Opel Ampera, E-Smart Roadster, E-Smart, Nissan Leaf); ecological  vehicles (Fiat, gas engine modification); and an electric motor and bicycle. Greenline's hybrid vessels, as well as some purely electric powered vessels, were also visited in the water.

The Green Avenue Project increased in size and presented cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other means of transport powered by electrical or hybrid engines in 2015. It will further expand for products and services not directly related to transport. Everything ecologically oriented, technologically sophisticated and environmentally friendly will be shown here.

INTERNAUTICA represent a further step forward for the Slovenian economy, tourism and entrepreneurship, as well as being a catalyst for maritime innovation.