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Ne Po Ut Sr Če Pe Su
Mali Lošinj: Lošinj Sailing Cruisers Regatta
03.08.2013 / 04.08.2013
Crikvenica: Fishermen's Week
29.08.2015 / 02.09.2015
Crikvenica: Street Art Festival Crikvart
07.08.2015 / 08.08.2015
Šibenik: Evenings of Dalmatian Chanson
21.08.2015 / 22.08.2015
FESTA Šibenik: Terraneo - 06.08.2013 / 09.08.2013

Terraneo is not just any summer festival. Take all that you have ever looked for from a summer vacation - sun, sea, recreation, leisure - add to them the captivating bands which you have always wished to hear under the serene night sky (The National, The Thermals, Janelle Monae, The Fall, Crystal Castles), a mass of entertaining events and workshops, lectures from highly thought of experts on the environment, attractive tourist offers for excursions and a beautiful ecological story - and you will have acquired an entirely new and refreshing recipe for an unforgettable five days stay at the heart of Dalmatia under the name, Terraneo.

Source: www.croatia.hr

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