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29.03.2012 / 31.03.2012
Pašman-Tkon: Fair island products
07.03.2015 / 08.03.2015
Fažana: Fažana\'s delights and delicacies
Pašman: Skraping Tkon
FESTA Pašman: Skraping Tkon - 07.03.2015

Skraping (pronounced : sh’kraping) – in full: « Skraping - International Tkon – Island Pasman « is a unique international trekking race on sharp island rocks belonging to the category of extreme sports. Skraping is held on the island of Pasman in March every year, its upcoming event is scheduled for 07th March 2015. Before the start of the race the competitors are supplied with map of the island with marked checkpoints to pass through in the shortest time possible. The race is divided into three categories: «Ultra», approximately 40 km long, «Light», of 20 km, «Djir», a jogging of 10 km. Skraping presents an interactive occasion for its participants from Croatia, the neighbouring and other European countries, (850 of them in 2013), to get to know both the island and Croatia as a perfect place not only for leisure but equally for an active kind of holidays. The manifestation’s accompanying events, like the Island Fair of traditional local products (holder of the prestigious “Croatian Island Product” label) offer further insight in local food, music and traditions. Taking place in March, and constantly growing, Skraping has become not only a trade mark and island’s window onto the world, but also a relevant promoter of Croatia in the period before the main tourist season. Welcome to Tkon!  

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