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Mali Lošinj: Lošinj Sailing Cruisers Regatta
03.08.2013 / 04.08.2013
Crikvenica: Fishermen's Week
29.08.2015 / 02.09.2015
Selce: Tourism Day
Sali/Dugi otok: The Sali Fiesta
09.08.2013 / 11.08.2013
FESTA Omiš: Battle of Pirates - 18.08.2013

In one segment of their history the pirates of Omiš ruled the Adriatic Sea. Every fleet feared their attack. They were particularly "fond" of the Venetian ships which they frequently intercepted along the route to their trading destinations. Indeed, Omiš was the only thorn in the side of Venice on its rise to world domination. Documents show that pirates of Omiš were building ships which remain unique in the history of the shipbuilding industry to this day. Needless to say, the folk of Omiš are very proud of them. With this manifestation - which also includes guests from Korčula - the "Moreška" Society of St. Cecily, and from the town of Klis - the "Ukoks" - they pay tribute to their history, and delight all those present.

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