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Crikvenica: Oily fish route
12.06.2015 / 18.06.2015
Šibenik: International Children’s Festival
21.06.2015 / 05.07.2015
FESTA Crikvenica: Frankopan Days - 28.06.2013 / 29.06.2013

A rich and imaginative programme will tell a story of a historical period which left an important and indelible mark on the area of Crikvenica. Every corner of Crikvenica shall introduce to visitors, in its own way, the world of the Francopans and show them all the magic and secrets of the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages fair, old trades will be presented, a former way of trading, a mint for coins and numerous other interesting things which will entice a shining spark in the eyes of a modern observer. A special experience will be a fight of knights, a tournament in archery, appearances of Middle Ages entertainers, jugglers, stilt walkers, clowns, workshops in archery and fence, a miniature workshop, a procession of Middle Ages troupes and Middle Ages round-about for children. Players, singers and actors shall reveal, by music, words and movement, how people used to entertain themselves, how they mingled together and enjoyed themselves in the Middle Ages. A camp with Middle Ages cuisine will reveal all the richness of former tastes and scent of dishes and beverages. In an educative and entertaining way, the Francopan Days shall merge the tradition of the Middle Ages and modern Crikvenica.

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