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FESTA Umag: Sepomaia Viva - 29.07.2013 / 31.07.2013

Not far from Umag is an archeological site of the ancient Sepomaia, with ruins of a rustic villa dating back to the 1st and 4th centuries AD. A mere sight of those ancient remains from Antiquity leaves one in awe of such priceless cultural heritage. In honour of this heritage, Umag stages the Sepomaia Viva, an annual event, a veritable festival of Antiquity during which all visitors have the opportunity to experience the spirit of times long gone. Dressed in robes of those times, the visitors can enjoy the tastes of antique times, meet gladiators and legionaries, dance ancient dances and engage in some antique arts and crafts. Come to Umag in August and we promise you will forget all about your 21st century daily routine - at least for three days.

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Source: www.croatia.hr

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