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Selce: Tourism Day
Sali/Dugi otok: The Sali Fiesta
09.08.2013 / 11.08.2013
Mali Lošinj: Lošinj Sailing Cruisers Regatta
03.08.2013 / 04.08.2013
Crikvenica: Fishermen's Week
29.08.2015 / 02.09.2015
FESTA Rovinj: Evenings of the fishermen tradition - 30.08.2013

The town of Rovinj remembers the tradition of its elders through three thematic manifestations. Notably, it was not all that long ago that life in Rovinj was inconceivable without batana - a local type of boat which became famous throughout the world. To feed their families, the fishermen sailed their batanas out at dawn and returned in the evening with their catch. Evenings of the Fishermen Tradition is a manifestation which celebrates not only the old customs but also the building of a batana, the launch of which attracts the entire town to the port. Come and be a part of the revival of the traditions that are a part of the people of this beautiful town.

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