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Tisno: The GARDEN festival
03.07.2013 / 10.07.2013
Rab: The Fjera of Rab
25.07.2013 / 27.07.2013
Ethno Selce
11.07.2015 / 12.07.2015
FESTA Pula: 64th Film Festival - 15.07.2017 / 22.07.2017

Slikovni rezultat za 64th Pula Film FestivalThanks to its screenings in the historical locations of Kaštel and Arena, the Feature Film Festival in Pula is one of the most attractive outdoor film festivals in the world. In fact, few are the festivals which can boast a stage of such historical depth and atmosphere. Continuing its rich, long standing tradition, this year the Festival will offer its visitors, film enthusiasts, various programmes of international and domestic film novelties divided into several programme sections. The screenings at Kaštela should be highlighted, where as an overture to the festival, films from the international programme will be shown, as well as screenings from the national programme. This will also include film screenings of current Croatian productions in the Arena. Of course, this year Pula will once again be host to numerous attractive film hits.

Contact: www.pulafilmfestival.hr


Source: www.croatia.hr

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