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Split/Vis: The regatta of Vis
18.10.2013 / 20.10.2013
FESTA Lovran: The Chestnut Festival - 11.10.2013 / 27.10.2013

The quality of chestnuts in the Lovran area is known to be among the highest in the world. This variety of chestnut is endemic to the Kvarner region, because it is the product of hybridization between the chestnuts brought home from the Far East by sea fearers of Lovran and the local varieties. Being very proud of their chestnuts, the folk of Lovran dedicate three weekends in October to them - the first weekend in Lovran itself, and the other two in the nearby villages of Liganj and Dobreč, where the festivity called Marunada takes place. You will find various products made of chestnuts - from the traditional roasted chestnuts and other dishes prepared with them, to a variety of deserts, gateaux and pastries. There are also other delights to be enjoyed, such as meads, honey based brandies and local young wine.

Contact: www.tz-lovran.hr

Source: www.croatia.hr





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